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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 103

Location, location, location!

Assuming you've established your 'guaranteed' stream of income, theirs NO more important
consideration then where you will live in Pattaya.

Whether it's a house, condo, or hotel room, the PHYSICAL location of your residence will have
an ENORMOUS impact on your lifestyle.

If you choose to live outside Pattaya City's main center (which can be fairly inexpensive),
you'll probably be spending A LOT of time, though, taking 'songthaews' (baht buses) to get around.

Simple tasks like grocery shopping, a night out, so on, may become significant burdens.

And, yes, you could use a motor bike or automobile to get around, but as I discuss on my site
(see 'Driving in Thailand' on my site), their can be SIZABLE risks.

So here's MY recommendation:

Regardless of your dwelling, CHOOSE a location that either (1) allows you to WALK to shopping and
entertainment areas or (2) taking a songthaew puts there in TEN minutes or less.

You'll have the EASE of being anywhere in the central city, doing anything you want, in a matter of minutes!

For a map of central Pattaya, go to the 'Pattaya Maps' section on my site--see the map labeled #1.

In terms of specific places and prices, check the 'Real Estate' section of my site. I name six different
apartment/condo buildings all that fit my criteria.

Also, check the Pattaya Mail and Pattaya Trader classifieds online which are filled with condos and houses for more ideas.

Most importantly--GO SLOW! DON'T sign ANY long term leases unless you've considered all your options.

And SERIOUSLY consider a hotel room for at least the initial 60-90 days. Rates can be negotiated
for 'long-termers', utilities are included in the rate, daily maid service, and NO hidden costs.

A straight-forward proposition!