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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 104

Embarrassed by Pattaya?

Dear fellow Pattaya lover,

Embarrassed by living in (or even visiting) Pattaya, Thailand?

For many people when they tell friends' and family they're moving to Pattaya,
a look of shock followed by snickering typically follows.


Assuming they've heard of it, the city does NOT have a particularly good reputation.

A prominent Expat online publication, for example, recently termed it a 'brothel by the sea'!

And the Australian and British media have been especially aggressive in so-called 'exposes'
regarding 'Sin City', profiling visitors and retired expats as, at best, exploiters if not
outright pedophiles!

Men walking with women '30 years younger', an abundance of beer bars and go-go clubs,
so on are used to illustrate their 'proof' of the 'horrors' of the city.

Leaving aside the morality prostitution and a 'hedonistic lifestyle' which are, admittedly, abundant in Pattaya
is their TRULY no other reason why someone would want to live here?

I'll give you my 'Top ten reasons to live in Pattaya' another time,
but when someone asks me 'why Pattaya', here's my reply:

Where in the world can I rent an ocean-front, high rise condo,
for less than $500USD month including utilities?

Combine that with walking to buy a nice dinner for less than
$7.00 USD, see first run movies for about $2.00USD,
play golf year-round for less than $30.00USD, etc...?

Of course I could continue with how pleasant most Thais are,
an excellent infrastructure making transport easy, and the daily, sunny weather!

And I've mentioned nothing about the aesthetics of walking along the ocean daily,
taking in the surrounding mountains, and interacting with the large,
internationally diverse expat community.

Why does the media IGNORE these positive attributes...?

Draw your conclusions, but 'sex and sin' ALWAYS sell!

Bottom line--While some people are probably attracted to Pattaya for the perceived 'cheap sex'
and night life, it's NOT why most foreigners choose to live here over the long-term.