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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 105

Is Pattaya a 'good' place for children?

Although I'm raising no children in Pattaya, I'm seeing
regularly more families on holiday in Pattaya, and living in the area.

Is this a form a 'child abuse'?!

With its poor reputation that I discussed last week, is Pattaya a place to bring kids for holiday or,
God forbid(!), raising here?

My opinion is that Pattaya, overall, is a probably a VERY good
place to have a family holiday or live here!

Three reasons:

1-Excellent weather. Most children LOVE being outdoors, so with its usually sunny,
hot weather Pattaya can be an excellent location for a week or a year with kids.

2-Variety of free and cheap activities. Swimming, movies, games
of all types are readily available throughout the city.

3-Thai women LOVE children--especially 'farang' ones. If you've ever seen the reaction of a Thai woman when seeing young children, you know what I mean.

Sitters for the kids are always available!

The BIGGEST challenge of living in Pattaya with children is: education.

It's highly UNLIKELY you'll want your child attending a
Thai public school but, fortunately, their are several 'private' schools in the area.

Some are 'International' in materials and methods (English only, for example), but they can be
expensive--$7,000USD++ per year! Typically recruited are children of expats whose corporations
are footing the bill.

Their are other 'private' schools though, that are
less expensive and focus on the local, farang market including a Montessori school.