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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 106

How NOT to lose your shirt in Pattaya!
No one can provide an accurate number of foreigners living in Pattaya or even spending significant
time here, but I would guess 30,000+.

And for some of them owning a house and car, operating a business, and investing
substantial sums in the area can be wise.

BUT for most, it's probably a BAD idea!

First, to be clear, ALL foreigners are 'guests' in Thailand.

Regardless of how LONG you've lived here, how much
money you've invested, so on, you will ALWAYS be a 'farang'.

And the consequences of being a guest, are conducting your affairs accordingly.

Here's some tips for a GUEST like yourself:

Recognize ALL real property purchased here, whether condos, houses, cars, so on, are essentially DISPOSABLE.

Be prepared to FINANCIALLY and PSYCHOLOGICALLY walk-away from everything you own in Thailand--at anytime.

Dress neatly. Shave. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Smile, and AVOID confrontations--especially with Thais.

What's behind these suggestions?

You're less likely to a crime victim, for example. The typical bloke wearing the large,
gold chain is an EASY mark for drive-by motor bike snatches. 

Even worse is becoming combative with Thais--YOU are guaranteed to lose physically!

Lastly their seemingly has been a rise in Thai nationalism. And the future effects are difficult
to predict, but with an increasing foreign population their could be a backlash.

Tightening visa laws, cracking down on 'shell corporations' owning

houses, and restricting currency flows FROM Thailand are ALL possibilities in the future.

While in Thailand, be known as 'Mr. Anonymous' (keeping a low profile)

and OWNING nothing you can't afford to lose is IDEAL.