UA-610852-2 Issue 108|Retire to Pattaya Thailand UA-610852-2

Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 108

Don't move to Pattaya, if...

All these phrases are preceded by 'Don't move to Pattaya, if...' don't have enough capital.

I recommend a GUARANTEED, monthly income goal of around $1500USD based upon 4-5% annual withdrawal from savings. See my earlier newsletters for more information.'re strongly judgemental.

Imagine a mix of Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and (pre-hurricane) New Orleans--on a beach! Be prepared for seeing MANY different kinds of people and lifestyles, daily.

...cannot tolerate HOT, HUMID weather.

Pattaya has two seasons--hot and hotter! From mid-November to mid-March, though, are particulary nice.'re not willing to learn some basic Thai.

Although many farangs live in Thailand for years, barely able to say 'sawadee', I HIGHLY recommend learning some Thai words. Inevitably you'll need them! don't have a 'plan'.

Most people, after a couple of weeks, will be bored in Pattaya--their are only so many bars, golf games so on. THINK about what you'll do with your time. have chemical dependencies or serious, emotional issues.

Pattaya can bring out the WORST in these challenges. And their's no strong support network, so you're on your own.'re looking for 'love'.

It's a delusion. Don't move to Pattaya seeking a companion.'re looking for a 'job' or to 'own a bar'.

Another delusion. The odds are VERY long against you. Have a sufficient, GUARANTEED income before moving here.'re not willing to assimilate.

Learn Thai. Eat Thai food at some meals. Be patient! Remember, this is NOT your 'home town'.

Bottom line: If you're happy now, you'll probably be happy in Thailand. But if you are not happy now, long term, you'll NOT be happy in Pattaya.