UA-610852-2 Issue 109|Retire to Pattaya Thailand UA-610852-2

Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 109

Escape from Pattaya!

While Pattaya is considered an OUTSTANDING city for holiday or retirement what IF something happens...?

A terrorist bombing, lethal pandemic flu outbreak, an ultra 'nationalist' Thai government takes power pressuring foreign residents...What if....?

Yes, I admittedly CANNOT predict the future (as evidenced by my stock portfolio!) but I do think anyone living in Pattaya more than a few weeks should have an 'escape plan'.

Here's some elements:

1) Up to date Thai Visa with a current passport from your 'home' country' in a SAFE place. This is essential to ensure your ease of leaving.

2) Either an 'open return' plane ticket or EASILY accessible cash, credit cards allowing to quickly purchase transport. Having multiple credit cards is ALWAYS a good idea, in case one's destroyed, lost, or stolen.

3) Another residence, in another country. Although too expensive for many, keeping a small apartment in another country is ideal. A close family member that you can stay with is a secondary option.

4) Be prepared to walk away--from everything! Financially this could be VERY difficult if you've invested significant monies in Thailand. And as I've stated several times on my web site, and in this newsletter, DON'T invest more than you're prepared to lose!

5) A 'world, quad-band' mobile phone with a prepaid SIM card. Can be used in Thailand and the country your traveling too.

6) Have a plan--and discuss it with your 'significant other'. Let them know you've taken precautions to protect both of you.

Summary: If you have to leave Pattaya QUICKLY (for whatever reason), make the necessary arrangements NOW! Do so while you're thinking clearly, logically NOT when 'your under the gun'.

As the Boy Scouts say: Be prepared.