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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 110

If not Pattaya, where...?

Thousands of farangs from around the world call Pattaya 'home', ranging from a few months to years.

And while I think it's the best overall city to live in Thailand, MANY foreigners disagree--as evidenced by the pockets of them throughout the country.

Here's some GENERAL observations of other cities with sizable expat populations that may be of interest to you:


A 24-hour city with the largest foreign population within Thailand. If you're seeking excitement, culture, mystery, and NOISE all wrapped into one you'll find it here.

Advantages: Job opportunities available, a BIG city with A LOT to offer.

Disadvantages: VERY polluted, horrendous traffic, crowded.

You either love it or hate it.

Chiang Mai

Thailand's second largest city set in northern mountains offers many of the conveniences of Bangkok--culture, many expat residents, combined with COOLER temperatures.

Advantages: December/January temps fall to 0c (32f)! Relatively quiet, decent infrastructure.

Disadvantages: Some would say TOO cold--why move to Thailand?! Local Thais are reserved, not typically outgoing.

If you like 'cooler' weather, Chiang Mai is a definite consideration.


This the 'Monaco of Thailand' where the wealthy throughout the world dock their yachts and own 'vacation estates'. Nice beaches, pretty scenery, and convenient flights to Europe, Signapore.

Advantages: Clean beaches, a variety of activities, and excellent infrastructure.

Disadvantages: Expensive, relative to most areas in Thailand.

If you have MONEY, Phuket should be a serious consideration.


Located in northeast, it's the poorest of Thailand's provincences. Most of the women in Pattaya you encounter are from here. Wildly divergent weather ranging from extreme flooding to extreme drought--many times within the same year!

Advantages: Cheap food, housing, etc. Friendly, laid-back local residents. Quiet, clean air. VERY safe.

Disadvantages: Rural with poor infrastructure, little entertainment, so on.

If you enjoy 'farm life', you'd probably enjoy Issan.

Hua Hin

A small beach city similar to Pattaya, in the southern Thailand, but WITHOUT the extensive nightlife, activities, and the thousands of tourists. The expat population seems German and Scandanavian dominated.

Advantage: Quiet, laid-back, decent beaches. The King of Thailand's summer home is here so the area's quite safe and serene.

Disadvantages: Other than the beach, little to do. Pricier than Pattya. Not convenient for travel unless to southern Thailand.

If you're seeking a quiet, laid-back beach lifestyle this may be the place.

Conclusion: Before deciding on Pattaya, have a look around. For every farang that loves it, their are two that hate it!