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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 111

Learning Thai--The easy way!

A few years ago, on a visa run to Thailand, I was eating lunch with a long-time Pattaya expat. While ordering at the Thai restaurant, my companion requested his food to be 'not spicy'.

But their was one problem--the waitress barely understood English!

So, repeatedly, he asked in an increasingly louder voice for 'no spices'--which is when I chimed in--'Mai peht'--meaning 'not spicy' in English.

What does this illustrate?

The importance of knowing at least some BASIC Thai words and phrases.

Although learning Thai is difficult for most of us, here's some suggestions that WILL make it easier:

1) Learn the minimum, first--See my Thai language page here: Thai Language

2) Practice, practice, practice. As soon as you walk off the plane in Thailand, start speaking to Thai to EVERYONE, EVERYDAY.

Start with saying 'sawadee, krahp' to the Immigration officer!

3) Start to think in Thai. When you see the blue, Pattaya buses THINK 'songtaew' in your mind. Or arriving at the hotel, THINK 'rongraem'.

4) Purchase books and CDs. Above I have an ad for a VERY inexpensive, small book that's a good start. Also check out the Plimsleur Thai language audio CDs that are excellent!

5) Consider taking a Thai language class. Whether in Pattaya, or another part of the world, their are classes available in many cities.

Conclusion: Although many people in Pattaya speak SOME English, I guarantee your life will EASIER knowing some basic Thai words and phrases.

And the more the better!