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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 112

Three questions before moving to Pattaya, Thailand

Before moving to Pattaya their are endless decisions and details to work out.

Will you keep a residence in your home country? How will mail and bills be handled? What sort of visa will you initially enter Thailand with? Where will you stay in Pattaya--how long?

And the questions go on and on...

But I think their really are only three KEY questions that should be answered, as they're 80% of your happiness:

1) Do you have the money?

No, I don't mean enough to 'hold you over' a year or two.

Do you have a GUARANTEED stream of income that will AT LEAST cover your 'basic expenses' for life?

If not, forget it!

I don't recommend ANYONE move here hoping to make a living, whether owning a bar, finding a job teaching English, so on.

The odds are VERY, VERY long against you--you don't want to be poor in Thailand!!

See my newsletter Issue #101 where I discuss 'How much money you'll need to last a lifetime'.

2) Do you have a plan?

While Pattaya is an OUTSTANDING place to vacation, more than a couple of weeks here can become TERRIBLY boring--speaking from experience!

The night life WILL become 'same-same', contrary to what you may believe. And a frequent complaint among some vacationers and some expats is the lack of 'daytime' activities.

So unless you LOVE to play golf daily, sit by the beach, or watch A LOT of television, I advise to think BEFORE moving about your interests, hobbies, goals, so on.

You will probably NOT be happy, long-term, in Pattaya with nothing to challenge you. And the younger you are, the more likely this will be true.

Check out my daytime activities page here Daytime Fun! Info in Pattaya Thailand for some ideas.

3) Are you TRULY ready?

If you have ANY type of alcohol or drug abuse problem, Pattaya is not a place for you.

Unfortunately on seemingly a DAILY basis, farangs meet their DEMISE mostly due to issues related to alcohol and/or drugs.

Don't let this be YOU--slay your demons before arriving!