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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 113

To live and die in Pattaya, Thailand

The past week in Pattaya has seen the murder of two area residents, both of which hit the International press.

One an alleged, high-level mobster from the Netherlands, the second a Thai reporter for a local Thai language newspaper.

Click here to read the news stories: Pattaya Thailand News on the Daily News section.

And undoubtedly, Pattaya has the HIGHEST murder rate per capita in ALL of Thailand. I don't know the exact figures, but probably SIGNIFICANTLY higher than any other place in the Kingdom.

So with 'high season' commencing, and 'farangs' pouring into the city, is Pattaya safe...?


As I mentioned in a past newsletter (see Issue #106 ) 'common-sense' goes A LONG way to safety in Pattaya.

NOT entangling yourself in businesses involving Thais, large financial commitments, so on, are solid ideas. Invest ONLY what you can afford to LOSE!

Another thought is keeping a relatively 'anonymous' profile. Walking NOT driving, for example. Being friendly to everyone, but not OVERLY forthcoming with personal details.

I know multiple expats that have lived in Pattaya over 10 years, and NEVER been victims of crime nor suffered financial losses in Thailand. And not so coincidentally, they adhere to MANY of the ideas I've written about!

Conclusion: The odds are very LOW you'll become a crime victim in Pattaya, especially murder, if you lead an unassuming lifestyle here. Just use good judgement.