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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 114

Pattaya & Las Vegas: Two peas, the same pod?

A recent travel survey rated Las Vegas as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world!

Remember: This is a city BUILT on gambling, sex, and booze--and has LONG history of organized crime connections.

Sound like another city you may know...?

Pattaya, too, has its founding in sex and booze. And long discussed casino gambling is a possibility in the future.

(See the Pattaya News section here with links to FOUR Pattaya based English news sources)

So does the city TRULY deserve it's nefarious reputation as 'Sin City'...?

NO moreso than Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a BOOMING metropolis sitting in the MIDDLE of the desert with ZERO industry except one--an 'adult' Disneyland.

Women are easily available (for sale), cheap alcohol flows freely, and the 24-hour hedonistic night life knows no bounds.

So, why is Pattaya FREQUENTLY portrayed in the media as the 'brothel by the city' while Vegas is glamorous and glitzy?

One word--hypocrisy!

Vegas is more refined, dressed-up in BILLION dollar mega resorts catering to celebrities. Patters, on the other hand, is not subtle. It's straight forward and shabby.

Conclusion: Scratch the surface of either city--you'll find their roots the same.