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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 116

Retire to Pattaya Newsletter: Odds & ends

With the coming turn of the year, 'high season' is in full swing in Pattaya.

Soon Walking Street will probably be renamed 'Standing Street' as in some parts the crowds will be exceptionally large--especially with gawking Chinese tourist groups.

Weather wise, though, NOW is the perfect time. Typically sunny, highs in mid 20s, lows in the teens.

Idyllic, really.

And if you've never visited Pattaya, from mid-January to late March is IDEAL.


Excellent weather that's dry, sunny, and reasonable temperatures similar to today's.

Combine this heavenly climate with FALLING prices as hotels, bars, so on will see their customers dwindle.

The 35B 'happy hours' will be out in FULL force, beach facing hotel rooms for less than 1200B, and easy walking--with no crowds.

Regarding the web site:

1) As some of you may have noticed I've added a NEW page, Pattaya in the World News.

See it here:

If you know a periodical article published OUTSIDE Thailand, mentioning Pattaya, please email me the link.

2) I received an email stating that 'very negative' about Pattaya.

And although I usually respond privately, I thought it was important to answer this publicly.

I NEVER consciously attempt to be negative--nor OVERLY optimistic as I've ALSO (!) been accused of.

Let me be clear about my 'agenda'--To share information in a THOUGHTFUL, CONSTRUCTIVE way about living in Pattaya.

Nothing else.

3) I'm taking a 'creative recharge' sabbatical from this newsletter. The next one you'll receive will be in mid-January.

A Merry Christmas to you all and a blessed New Year!