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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 117

Pattaya, Thailand: High-season review

Although 'high-season' continues in Pattaya, roughly 1 November to 31 March, here's some thoughts about BIG changes that I've noted this year:

1) Increasing numbers of tourist families, especially Eastern European.

This past Christmas/New Year's period saw a SIGNIFICANT increase among 'farang' families--especially from the former Soviet Union.

Which I'm sure gladdens the heart of Thai tourism officials, who have attempted for years to make Pattaya a 'family friendly' destination.

Assuming this trend continues, I would expect MORE 'mega-resorts' and activities geared toward children to open in the future.

2) Construction continues to boom--but especially retail.

The past few years have seen an EXPLOSION in residential and commercial development--and it doesn't appear to be ending anytime to soon.

New condos, single family homes, and, of course, beer bars are going up daily.

But the coming MAMMOUTH shopping mall on Second Road near Soi 13 will have a significant impact on the city.

It will feature a Villa Supermarket (loaded with farang food), California Fitness Wow! (gym), and dozens of shops.

Question: So what happens to Royal Garden Shopping Mall and Mike's Shopping Mall? Or the NEW retail shops opening soon next to Royal?

Needless to say, I wouldn't want to be an owner or tenant in the nearby malls.

3) Rising prices.

Although the 'official' Thai Government inflation rate is about 6%, prices are escalating MUCH faster in Pattaya.

The ESSENTIALS of food, utilities, and housing have especially jumped in the past year.

Combine that with a STRENGTHENING baht, those on a 'fixed' income will be severely pinched!

In an upcoming newsletter, I'll have more to say about inflation.

Regarding my web site:

1) Added a Pattaya Churches page here: Churches

While I don't attend regularly, I think a church can be good source of meeting people as well as emotional support.

2) Added another link to the Pattaya in World News Page here:

Has some interesting comments regarding Thailand's booming real estate market.

And if you have a link to an INTERNATIONAL publication (magazine, newspaper) discussing Pattaya, please email it to me.