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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 118

Politics in Thailand--One Farang's View

I was talking to a long-time (12 years+) Pattaya expat recently who told me 'Thaksin is becoming like a dictator' and stated he was considering relocating to the Philippines.

Leaving aside the virtues of Thailand vs. the Philippines, I started thinking about farangs and Thai politics.

If you regularly read The Bangkok Post and The Nation, you'll know many farangs have been writing in commenting on the increasingly tense politics in Thailand and PM Thaksin's policies.

So, what's opinion on Prime Minister Thaksin's conflicts with political opponents, sale of part his company's assets, alleged corruption, so on...?

I have NONE offer--and nor should ANY foreigner!

As a FOREIGNER in Thailand don't EVER forget:

You are a GUEST--As such, SHUT-UP about Thai political, governmental affairs, etc.

Here's why:

Do you visit someone's home and 'criticize' their food, decor, etc?

Further, if you did, what do you think their reaction would be--especially if they were VERY sensitive to disparagements?

Regardless of how many years or how MUCH money you've invested in the Kingdom, you will ALWAYS be a 'VISITOR' staying here at the authority's leisure.

Don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

You (all of us!) can be asked (forced) to leave.

Bottom line--Thais are fiercely 'nationalistic' and do NOT accept foreign critiques well, so just STAY out of it.

If things are that BAD, leave. Move to another country. DON'T stay here.

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