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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 119

Is Pattaya becoming 'paeng'?

For years I've suggested that a farang could live a nice, modest life-style for around $50USD/42Euros a day.

In other words, a relatively comparable Western standard of living in Pattaya--at a FRACTION of the cost.

See Issue #101 here  where I even have a sample budget--providing an illustration.

And while I realize that MANY people live on less, sometimes A LOT less, I think an income of around 60,000B per month (at least) is what most expats desire.

Unfortunately, though, in the near future that may not be enough.

Consider the following, and how it may impact you:

1) Prices are escalating rapidly--on nearly everything! Whether it be the price of the Bangkok Post, electric utilities, or having a drink at bar COSTS have increased the past couple of years.

Although 'officially' inflation is running under six percent, increases are SIGNIFICANTLY higher.

2) A LOT of expats retired now or planning to retire are doing so on private/public pensions.

One problem? Many of them do NOT adjust for rising prices!

In other words, if the goods you buy regularly are increasing five percent annually they'll DOUBLE in price in 14 years! And with no increase in your income, you will have a BIG problem!

3) Having a large 'emergency' fund is NOW a requirement.

In the past, I probably would not have been that concerned with the necessity of having plane ticket out of Thailand available, monies IMMEDIATELY accessible, but today it's a consideration.

Whether it be a bird flu pandemic, the rise of a nationalistic Thai government, so on, I would simply be 'Prepared Thoroughly'. See Issue #109 here  for more thoughts.

Rarely does anyone use the words 'Pattaya' and 'expensive' in the same sentence--it's reputation has been of 'cheap charley farangs', budget hotels, and beer bars.

And that probably will NOT change by Western standards--but for those on a FIXED income a tight squeeze lies ahead.