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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 121

The 'sirens' of Pattaya

The ancient Greek, Homer, wrote in his book 'Odyssey' of the 'sirens songs' luring sailors to their demise, as they crashed their ships on the rocks of their island.

Pattaya, too, has its 'sirens' that have a similar affect on many.

And being aware of them makes you as prepared as Odysseus in the Homer's novel.

The three 'tempting songs' you will hear are:

1) You'll never be lonely!

The MOST common temptations for MANY men is the availability and appeal of Thai women.

Beautiful sweet, and open to you--they seem ideal.

But NEVER, EVER forget the following: MOST of the women you'll encounter are WORKING.

Just like you, they have a JOB.

And their employment REQUIRES they entertain customers(YOU). Yes, YOU are a 'customer'--first and foremost to them.

While an attachment (real or imagined) may develop, DON'T EVER FORGET--YOU ARE A CUSTOMER.

With that said, most will probably ignore what I've said so I have ONE recommendation: GO VERY, VERY SLOWLY!

Don't rush into anything, don't give LARGE amounts of money to your 'teeruk' immediately, and KEEP (or have someone else) an eye on her.

Time will tell if it's going to work with her--so 'invest' carefully!

2) So much beer, so little time!

If you have a problem with alcohol now, in your home country, you'll probably end up dead in Pattaya.

I'm NOT joking, unfortunately.

Nearly every farang death in the area is some how related to alcohol and/or drugs.

'Accidents' and overdosing are weekly items in area news.

See here for various Pattaya news outlets: Pattaya Thailand News

3) Owning a bar, a dream come true!

The number of new beer bars increases on a daily basis--seemingly with no end as recent arrivals have BAHT signs in their eyes.

Ever wonder who makes the REAL money?

No, not the 'farang' buying/renting the space--It's the DEVELOPER.

Operating a long-term, profitable beer bar is not only an illusion--it's a delusion!

Brutal competition, lack of business experience, and managing Thais will cause them to fail.

And change the word 'beer' to 'go-go' and the above still holds true.


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