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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 123

To live and die in Pattaya, part two!

The recent murders of two resident expats (a Brit and a New Zealander) have unfortunately made worldwide headlines. Adding to the perception of Pattaya as not only a 'hedonist paradise' but also 'dangerous'.

Is this true?

Yes and no.

Several months ago I wrote about living safely here (see  Issue #113 here).

And it's NOW important to elaborate on the ideas.

1) Operating nearly ANY type of business is potentially dangerous in Thailand.

While most people don't want to believe this, and their are exceptions, ANY business in Thailand (particularly involving Thais) is hazardous to your health!

The best business--something Internet-based with NO Thai involvement.

2) ANY money given or 'invested' with Thais is gone!

If you've loaned or invested money with Thais consider it a 'gift' or simply money spent. The likelihood of its return is EXCEEDINGLY low.

Forget it.

3) Don't EVER forget--Thailand is a 'third world' country.

Money is the ULTIMATE rule of law here furthermore lives are 'cheap'.

Sad but true.


Your chances of being a 'crime' victim in Pattaya are VERY, VERY low. And you'll DECREASE your odds even moreso by remembering these ideas.