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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 126

Handling your A$$ets in Pattaya

There's probably NO place better in the world to have money than Thailand. And correspondingly NOT having it here puts you close to HELL on earth!

If you look through past issues of this newsletter, found here Newsletter Archives , you'll find the recurring theme of money.


Properly managing your funds is CRITICAL to your overall happiness in Pattaya. Not just your investments, pensions, so on but your everyday, liquid cash.

Inevitably you'll find yourself, someday, in a position sitting in Pattaya needing money NOW!

Maybe an accident has happened and YOUR liable for the damages, or you lost your wallet, or you find your ATM card 'mysteriously' not working (not uncommon in the Kingdom).

Here's some ideas to ensure you ALWAYS can get cash:

1-Multiple ATM cards from different banks. Absolutely critical as you keep them in TWO separate places.

2-Cash on hand. Not too much, but enough to buy a decent dinner and drinks.

3-Credit cards, at least one. Like ATM cards, IDEALLY two from different banks kept in far between nooks.

4-Gold chain. While I prefer not to wear gold jewelry, having a gold chain of a Thai Baht or two (weight) can be turned into VERY quick cash at any gold shop.

5-Thai bank account. If your spending more than a few months in Pattaya, look into opening an account. Bangkok Bank and Siam Bank, local branches, are notably 'farang friendly'.


A writer that have I've learned from, WG Hill, published the theory of 'PT'--which can be the abbreviation of many concepts.

With that in mind, living in Thailand means being 'Prepared Thoroughly'.