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Issue 127

Demons or Darlings?: The Women of Pattaya

Pop quiz--What's the number ONE reason that attracts most men to Pattaya?

The women.

The easy, willing, and availability of them compels men of all ages and nationalities to spend ENORMOUS amounts of time and money flying from across the globe to Thailand.

And, not coincidentally, MANY of those vacationers and expats ultimately find 'love'--Or THINK they've found it.

While I'm NOT a relationship expert, as my ex-wife will attest, here's some ideas to having a successful relationship with a Thai woman.

1) Go VERY, VERY slowly with your emotions.

FAR too many guys, go to Pattaya, meet a girl and QUICKLY fall for her.

Needless to say, this is the WRONG way of establishing a successful relationship. ANY relationship.

Get to know her--OUTSIDE of the bar. Take her away from Pattaya for a few days. Treat her like a

'date' not a prostitute.

If you're not living in Pattaya, call and email her FREQUENTLY. And travel here as often as possible

to see your teeruk.

Their are THOUSANDS of women looking for 'nice' guys, so proceed carefully.

2) Always be ABSOLUTELY, 100% honest.

If you're married with five children and unemployed TELL her. No matter the circumstances,

always tell the truth.

Contrary to what many expats say, Thai women have NO monopoly on lieing. Farang men lie as much if not moreso.

You will reap what you sow.

3) Accept this idea: Money is IMPORTANT in your relationship with her.

FEW from the West want to accept this but 'money' and 'security' are CRITICAL aspects

to Thai women in a relationship--especially to a woman with little education and job opportunities.

Yes, you will need to provide money REGULARLY to support her AND her family.

Don't fight it or you'll NEVER have a successful relationship with Thai.

With that said, help her budget and plan for the future, the monies you give her.

Have her account for the money and explain in DETAIL what she's doing with it. You'll quickly know

whether it's being wasted.

Assuming your support's being spent wisely, you'll both be happy.


Any male-female relationship is difficult. But being with a woman from a totally different

culture-and that you met in a bar-in EXCEEDINGLY perilous.

Patience and honesty will go A LONG way to smoothing the divide.