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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 130

Thai women ALWAYS lie and other myths!

On one of my first visits to Pattaya, I was advised by a long-time expat that you can always know when a Thai woman is lieing--when her mouth is moving.

And this 'wisdom' is WIDELY shared and discussed among many visitors and residents.

But it is true?

Let's look at it and some other folklore that surrounds Pattaya.

1-'Never trust a Thai woman, they never tell the truth-ESPECIALLY the bar girls'.

My ancedotal evidence leads me to conclude FARANGS in Thailand lie just as much as Thai women.

From being 'rich and having a big house' to 'promising support', LOTS of guys spread falsehoods and distortions.

2-'Pattaya's a haven for child prostitution'.

All COUNTRIES have problems with pedophilia.

American newspapers, for example, have DAILY articles of teachers having sex with their students.

Does it exist in Pattaya? Yes. And it's CRIMINAL and the PERPRETATOR goes to jail.

3-'Pattaya's a cheap charlie's paradise with only low-lifes'.

Yes, you can find accomodations for 200B per night and eat ALL day for another hundred.

If that's what you want!

But their are an increasing number of expats for whom paying 10+ millionB for a condo is not a problem.

4-'Real estate's a GREAT investment in Pattaya'.

While it's true over the past four years some properties have increased 50-100%, prices are looking frothy.

The rent to buy ratio is EXTREME right now.

A condo that rents for 15,000B a month 'should' sell for around 2 million. Instead the price is 50% higher at 3 million!

Two hundred times monthly rent is WAY, WAY to expensive. Especially in a country likeThailand.

5-'I'll move to Pattaya and start a business'.

Unless you speak FLUENT Thai, have some time 'in country', and have SIZABLE financial capital to back your venture it will almost surely FAIL!

NEVER, EVER forget--YOU are a foreigner. And Thailand is a THIRD-WORLD country.

Put those together and you've increased the RISKS dramatically!

In sum--want to make a small fortune in Thailand? Start with a large one.


Next time you talk to a Pattaya 'expert', remember their offering an opinion. NOT facts.

Usually generalisations based on biases--which is NO different than myself.

While here, move slowly, think clearly, and draw your own conclusions.