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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 131

Calling your teeruk in Pattaya, CHEAPLY!

If you're like me out traveling and need to check on your 'teeruk' in Pattaya, or anywhere in the Kingdom,

you know it can be expensive.

In the past, and on the web site, I've mentioned how my monthly phone bills sometimes exceeded the

cost of monthly food bill!

As a result, several readers sent emails suggesting that I use Skype and other 'voice over Internet' (VOIP) services.

In spite of the price, computer-computer is free(!), I am using a couple of alternatives.

Here's why:

Many times when contacting my girlfriend it's 'mobile to mobile'. In other words, she's NOT near a computer and neither am I so using our cell phone is easy and convenient.

And in the past, could be expensive. Not too long ago, I remember paying 10B (equivalent) per minute!

Fortunately, technology has driven prices to less than 1B per minute--and sometimes free!

An excellent FREE option I've been using is Just register your phone number on the site, follow the instructions, and in 24 hour your calling at ZERO cost!

The quality can VARY and during 'peak times' you won't be able get through but 'price is right'.

A second alternative, although not totally free, is:

With a variety of prepaid calling plans, some with FREE air-time, they offer a reliable, inexpensive option.