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Issue 132

To Live and Die in Pattaya (revisited)

The recent tragic death of an American teacher, Matt Gerald Hayes, 32, of BEST International School has affected me more so than the daily passings of Pattaya farangs.


The facts are that he was hit riding his motor bike and was struck by a 'hit and run' truck driver. And although a NOT an uncommon situation here, foreigners being hurt in vehicular accidents, what happened next borders on homicidal.

The ambulance crew initially rushed him to Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital on Sukhumvitt Road but he was REFUSED admittance.

Allegedly because he, nor anyone with him, could offer 'proof of payment' (money, insurance, so on) they were directed to take him to another hospital TWO hours away.

Needless to say, he passed due to injuries sustained but MANY have questioned if he would have survived with prompt medical treatment...?

No one knows for certain but I do have few ideas for YOU to avoid a similar nightmare.

1) AVOID motor-bikes!

A long-time expat friend, lived in Pattaya over 12 years, states he would NEVER drive anything in with 'two or four wheels in Pattaya'.

Not bad advice.

If nothing else, I recommend NOT riding between 12am-6am when the combination of darkness and drunk, Thai drivers' peaks.

Also, following my two suggestions below.

2) Carry a health insurance card and/or with you at all times.

Although not convenient many times, carrying proof of health insurance (or credit card) could be your admission ticket to the hospital--just when you need it most.

Medical facilities will be MUCH more likely to treat you immediately, as it presumes they will be paid.

3) Give specific instructions to your 'teeruk' or friend.

No matter if you have girlfriend or are on holiday with friends, tell them SPECIFICALLY what to do if you are hurt.

I told my girlfriend, for example, have me taken to Pattaya International Hospital, Soi 4. Tell them I have insurance and credit cards. And call the embassy for additional help, if necessary.


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Driving in Pattaya I recommend against driving ANYTHING in Thailand. Recent events, unfortunately, support my recommendation.

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