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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 134

A Sunday morning in Pattaya

For many expats in Pattaya, a Sunday morning is something where life moves slowly. Pharmacies typically do a booming trade in headache and stomache remedies.

But after a few weeks here, where every night 'seems' like Saturday night, you awake relatively early on Sunday.

So here's a suggestion for anyone SERIOUS about living in the Kingdom:

Attend an EXPATS club meeting!

The 'Pattaya Expats City Club' meets at 1030am, Henry J Beans restaurant, Beach Road, North Pattaya.

The other is the 'Pattaya Expats Club' meets at 1130am, the Grand Sole Hotel on Second, Central Pattaya.

Whether you're interested in learning about Pattaya's governance, Buddhism, or health issues the topics run the gamut.

Also the attendees, from across the globe, can be a wealth of information with facts (and opinions) about Pattaya living.

Check their web sites, subscribe to their free newsletters, and, if possible, DEFINITELY attend a meeting.


A few weeks of living here will leave most BORED to tears. These clubs are the antidote.