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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 135

A Western Lifestyle on the CHEAP in Pattaya!

I've written in the past about how expensive Pattaya is becoming as a retirement destination-see here:
Issue #118.

The twin pillars of a strengthening baht and rising prices of seemingly, EVERYTHING, have caused concerns especially for those on a fixed income.

So here's some tips for living WELL in the Kingdom on a tight budget:

1) FOOD: One of the virtues of living in Thailand is LOTS of cheap food. Whether you want noodles or bar-b-q chicken on the street, fresh fruit, or 'melange' (insects!) you can find it inexpensively today.

Also consider breakfast in your room, including hotel rooms, by having a bowl of cereal with fruit.

A third idea, for an anytime meal, is finding one of the many reasonably priced buffets around town. Lek, Apex, Diana Hotels all offer daily buffets until 1pm for 110B. A decent evening spread can be found at Sizzeler Steakhouse, Royal Shopping Mall, for 150B.

2) HOUSING: There are THOUSANDS of hotel rooms, apartments, and condos for rent around the area but, whether staying for one night or a year, I HIGHLY recommend choosing carefully based on one attribute: location.

Specifically the area bordered by North Pattaya Road, South Pattaya Road, Beach Road, and Second Road, see maps here , Pattaya Jomtien Thailand Maps is the best.

This large, rectangular area, the heart of the city, has enough food, housing, and entertainment, that all your needs should be fulfilled.

And it's a VERY easy proposition to find a nice room for 700-1100B a night, depending length of stay, that puts you within short walking distance of everything.

Or their is always the ubiquitous 'sangtaew' for 10B if you prefer not to walk.

3) ENTERTAINMENT: While prices have escalated at many bars they're are still many good values. The 'Happy Hours' are my preferred hunting time, with some as late 9pm, for 50B cocktails and 'draft beer' ALL night--at that price!

Other 'cheap' day time activities, could be relaxing by the beach, enjoying a movie at the cinema for 80B, or playing a round of 9-hole golf at Asia Pattaya Hotel.


In spite of the cost of living becoming more 'paeng', Pattaya, Thailand continues to represents one of the world's BEST values for a Western lifestyle at a fractional cost. Just ensure, though, your income and plans aren't destroyed by inflation and currency loss.