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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 137

How to LOSE a fortune in Pattaya!

 If you haven't noticed, Pattaya's in the amidst not only of residential construction boom but also commercial. No, not office space, but retail.

And A LOT of it!

The recently opened 'The Avenue' shopping plaza (Second Rd, Soi 13) with eight screen movie theater, bowling, and 'chain' restaurants is one of the most prominent. Construction is also ongoing at a soon to-be HUGE mall on Beach Rd, Soi 9 and a third project is next to Royal Garden Shopping Mall.

More projects at the end of Walking Street and across from Bali Hai Pier add to the merchandising.

So, what does it mean for you and the Pattaya's future?

Millions of baht will be lost--just don't let it be yours!

Their is simply NOT enough tourist traffic to support the many shops and spaces NOW as evidenced by the number of vacancies.

This massive over building will only make a bad situation worse and, further, this recent 'low' season has been especially poor in terms of vacationers.

Is this a trend?

I wouldn't want to find out but, clearly, other Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia for example) are gearing for holidaymakers and retirees.

As I've said before (see , don't invest money in Thailand that you can't afford to lose.