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Issue 138

A Thai view of farang retirees

Rarely, unfortunately, do I have the opportunity to speak with 'educated' Thais. Not only are their seemingly few in Pattaya, the odds of a conversation are long.

In spite of that, I've frequently wondered about their perceptions of Western farangs--especially the older retirees that the Thai government seems uncomfortable with.

The following is an excerpt from a long commentary, by a Thai, that offers a glimpse:

Thailand Dropping Out Of Global Community

'So sad these days to read the press and forums around Thailand and the world,
also very sad to hear retirees, tourists and foreign business people opinions and
experiences becoming more and more negative about the Kingdom of Thailand.
As a Thai, I hope that these world views do not represent the majority of Thai people.
In the final analysis, I hope that these views are pursued by special interest
Thais that only care about themselves and not representative of the Thai people.'

It continues later:

'Special interest will tell you that foreigners may not own business or foreign retirees
may not own their own homes that they have bought and paid for after a lifetime of hard work
and saving.
Foreign Retirees live on a fixed income and live in fear of being kicked out of their homes or
fear immigration's disrespectful sour face in issuing their yearly visa depends on the immigration
officer's mood and ever increasing difficult immigration laws.
Foreign Retiree's economic contribution to Thai society offering security, supporting entire
Thai families and raising children are ignored and their efforts are unwelcome by an ungrateful society.'



I think the author's views are probably held by the 'silent majority' of Thais, educated or not,
who appreciate the contributions farangs make to Thailand.

The current ruling establishment, however, evidently does not.

I CANNOT stress enough: Invest in Thailand only what you can afford to lose!
(See here for details