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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 139

 Long live the King of Thailand

If you've been reading the news lately of Thailand, you've read of the King's recent hospital admittance.

Nearing age 80, the King is probably nearing the end of his life.

And while many farangs will probably never consider, and probably ignore, his passing they do so at that their peril.

Here's why:

The King is THE linchpin of Thai society who is universally, widely respected. Rich or poor, ALL Thais bow to the him and his wishes.

However, as last September's coup foreshadowed, if he no longer lives the country is RIPE for serious conflict.

Thaskin's return combined with thousands of Northern and Northeastern Thais protesting would be the kindling
for an inferno.

So, how does this effect Pattaya expats?

For those who have little invested in Thailand or can easily walk away, it means almost nothing.

They have an 'escape plan' in place.

On the other hand, business proprietors, home owners, and Thai stock exchange speculators will almost surely suffer.


Possibly I'm overly pessimistic about the situation but I'll quote from an essay from a few issues ago:

'Think of Thailand as being a casino for Westerners...
The Thai "House Advantage" will get you. They make sure of it.'