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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 140

If you're going to buy in Pattaya...

Buying a home, especially in Thailand, is more emotional than a logical decision.

Something driven by the heart not the head.

And for many Thai expats, and those soon to-be, purchasing a residence here is an idea that won't go away--
nor an argument that ever ends.

So if you're going buy, in spite of my concerns, here's some ideas to protect your self:

1) Buy a condo NOT a house.

The main reason-you will NEVER own a house/land in your 'name' in the Kingdom while condos can be legally be in YOUR name.

2) Only consider property NEAR the main part of the city and, ideally, something with a view.

Condos with a view and EASY access to bars, shopping, and restaurants will likely always have demand.

3) Use a Thai lawyer.

They can help with document translation, confirm clear title, and ensure a smooth transaction.

Either of the two expat clubs can provide referrals.

4) NEVER, EVER invest more than you can walk from.

Be prepared, someday, you will may to walk from your property--NEVER to return.

A 100% loss thus consider carefully how much you spend.


Buying property in Thailand CAN work out-but ALWAYS protect your downside.

Although Pattaya may seem like a paradise now, in the next 5 years you and the city will both change.

Is this a good risk for you and your money?