UA-610852-2 Issue 141|Retire to Pattaya Thailand UA-610852-2

Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Issue 141

Three mistakes farangs make in Pattaya, Thailand

Your plane has just landed in Bangkok this 'high season'.

You disembark and rush through the airport with a mix of excitement, joy, and nervousness.

There is one problem. You left something on the plane.

Your 'brain'.

Yes, your 'rational thinking' has been checked at the door.

Instead your driven by emotions especially your libido.

And while a common affliction, as many expats will attest, it can cost you a bundle!

So, if you are staying in Pattaya more than a few weeks here are a few warning signs:

1) Moving too fast with a girl

The most common downfall of many men is meeting the 'love of their life' in Thailand--after knowing her a week or so.

Although it sounds ridiculous, this happens extremely often.

It also ends up costing the man, many times, tens of thousands of baht and endless headaches.


2) Investing in a bar

Nearly every man wants to be their 'own boss'--and operating a bar in Pattaya seems the way to it, right?

Instead, consider the facts that you are in a 'third-world country', barely speak the language, and you have never operated a business.

Do you SINCERELY believe your money will deliver a better return in a business here than a stock index fund?


3) Not having a plan.

Although hard to believe for many, living in Thailand WILL get boring. The thrill of the nightlife will wear thin.

Besides eating, drinking, and sleeping WHAT else do you plan to do in Pattaya?

Pass the days strolling Beach Road aimlessly, like other farangs, and the years go by?

Regardless of your ultimate decision, ensure your income--DO NOT RUN OUT OF MONEY IN THAILAND!!



I have made MANY mistakes in my stay in the Kingdom. Fortunately, none have caused real damage.

By avoiding the above blunders, you are also virtually guaranteed to have favorable memories of Pattaya.