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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 146

The BEST investment you can make TODAY in Pattaya

Whether you are a 'wannabe' Pattaya retiree or already one, the ongoing world economic turmoil has probably, significantly dented your investments.

And while their is NO magic elixir or quick fixes for it, I HIGHLY recommend you join Thais in their desire for...


As I stated in Handling your A$$ets in Pattaya, at the very least, owning gold in the Kingdom should be regarded as insurance.

Having quick access to an asset that is 100% liquid, requires NO 'networks' (unlike ATMs), and can be exchanged anywhere in Thailand is valuable--especially in times of a catastrophe.

The REAL value, however, is acting as a hedge for your portfolio against your government's 'hidden' tax--inflation .

Regardless of what currency your paid, the value of your monies is being incrementally destroyed (albeit slowly) by Central Banks' worldover--and their is nothing you or I can do to stop it.

We can only protect ourselves as people have done for 6,000 years--and as many Thais do but for different reasons--buy gold.


Go into ANY gold shop around town and ask about 'gold bars'. Available in 1 baht, 5 baht, or 10 baht weights' they are a simple, safe way to protect yourself and your long-term economic health.