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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 149

Three MUST READ books for a Pattaya Expat

Prior to spending an extended period in Pattaya, I have recommended developing a plan.

And essential to your preparation is reading, reading, and more reading.

Here are three books, some of which I also suggested here, but these are ESSENTIAL:

1) Thailand Fever by Chris Pirazzi and Vidita Vasant

Assuming your experiences are similar to 95% of local expats, you will become involved with Thai woman.

I wrote about Thai women here, and fully acknowledge the difficulty of a successful relationship.

The book which is ingeniously half written in English and half in Thai (by a Thai women) does promote greater

understanding with your mate.

No guarantees but it does help.

2) Private Dancer by Stephen Leather

Although their is a plethora of novels regarding bar girls and their relationships with farangs, this was one of the first and remains the best.

A realistic, cautionary tale for ANYONE becoming involved with a woman from the nightlife industry.

Having just re-read it again, after several years, its story is timeless and should be required reading.

3) Fail-safe Investing by Harry Browne

NOTHING is more important for the future expat then a GUARANTEED income and capital base prior to moving to the Kingdom.

After watching trillions of dollars in wealth melt-down over the past year, the KEY to your portfolio should be growth

balanced with low volatility investments.

And the VERY simple strategy Browne lays out works in ANY economic environment and has proven its value over nearly

40 years.


Regardless of how many books, web sites, etc., you read, NOTHING will fully prepare for living in Pattaya.

These three books, however, will go a long way in easing the transition.