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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 150

Don't retire to Pattaya, Thailand unless you...

I have stressed several times the importance of planning--financially and security wise.

One of the critical components, besides a 'guaranteed' income which I discuss here, is owning physical gold.

Specifically, I recommend purchasing small bars, available in one-, five-, and ten-kilogram sizes at many shops.

Why, gold??

Here are three reasons:

1) Diversification

While most 'paper' currencies have gone DOWN in value against the Thai baht since 2001, gold has more than tripled!

Is that trend going to continue?

I have NO idea but I am confident in owning something that held its value for 2,000+ years--especially

in today's economic environment--versus holding a 'fiat currency'.

2) Instant liquidty

What IF the ATM network is down and you need money? How about your credit card's been 'rejected'?

NOTHING provides instant access to cash as owning gold does in Thailand.

Any gold shop, anywhere in the Kingdom will buy your 'Thai gold' bar, bracelet, necklace, etc.

3) Total portability and privacy

Do you want to have your 'stash' ? Monies that NO one in the world is aware except you.

If that is the case, gold is ideal. Untraceable, light weight, and small.

Easy to take ANYWHERE in the world and simple to convert to cash.


If you believe in the importance of owning 'insurance', you will buy some gold.

By the way, in Pattaya, the hub of gold shops and selection is at Central and Second Roads--across from Top's Supermarket.