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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 151

STUPID things farangs do in Pattaya!

I am NOT an 'expert' on Pattaya. Just a person with an opinion who has been visiting/living in Pattaya for over 10 years.

And I have of many things to avoid (see here and here).

With that disclaimer, the following are four of the STUPIDEST things farangs do in Pattaya.

1) Arguing/fighting with Thais

YOU are GUARANTEED to lose in these types of situations. No matter what.

Regardless of the situation, keep your cool and do NOT argue. Be firm, polite, and recommend a SOLUTION.

And do NOT EVER get physical with a Thai. Man, woman, child. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

2) Saying 'why can't they speak English'

Most of the people you encounter will probably have a FIFTH grade education-at best.

Patience with Thais (which understandably can be difficult) is CRITICAL to your long-term happiness here.

Want Thais to 'understand' you? Learn to speak the Thai (see here).

3) Walking the streets without a shirt on

Although the heat and humidity are HIGH, there is NO reason to be strolling the streets half-dressed.

Thais perceive this as a MAJOR lack of respect for them and there country.

The oldest, ugliest shirt you have is better than wearing no shirt in the Kingdom.

4) Ringing the bell, throwing ping-pong balls, (literally) throwing money in bars

Are you so desperate for attention and the 'five minutes of fame' that you are willingly THROWING money away?

Do you want to know what Thai women THINK you? They call you 'kwai' (buffaloes) which is the ULTIMATE insult.

Yes, it is your vacation and your money. And it also true what Thais say about you, as well.


I do NOT care how you conduct your life, nor the mistakes you make, as long as they do not impact me.

These 'stupid' things, though, affect ALL farangs in Pattaya as it hardens the POOR stereotypes Thais have of most foreigners.