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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 152

Justice 'served' in Pattaya, Thailand?

If you haven't already, I recommend you read this article about an American in Thailand arrested for making 'adult films' with Thai girls.

Although I personally believe, he was doing NOTHING (morally) wrong, he WAS violating the laws of the Kingdom.

Here's the interesting part, though, based on RUMOR, that I'm guessing is probably true; he was released after paying a 'large bribe'.

So what can we learn from this all too common episode in Pattaya?

1) ALWAYS keep a low profile

I have mentioned several times (here and here) the importance of being 'invisible' in Pattaya.

And our farang 'friend' from the article above, would probably never been arrested (and could still do his 'work')

if doing it in a low profile way.

If you are going to engage in ANY enterprise here, do so with minimal flash and keep its success quiet.

2) Have a 'well connected' lawyer on retainer

Most expats here live simple, unassuming lives here with few significant complications thus is probably not necessary.

But if you are considering, though, operating a business and investing large sums of money here, then seek a 'local, Thai, adviser'.

'Connections' are CRITICAL in Thailand and can help your venture along or bail you out when necessary.

And introducing yourself to an attorney, with 10,000B for a 'retainer', will establish your seriousness and credibility.

He will be MUCH more likely to take your phone call and help when needed. Money talks!

3) Those with $$$ will have 'justice' served

There is a misconception that Western countries are generally less corrupt then less developed, ie., Thailand.

Corruption permeates ALL countries although far more blatant in countries like the Kingdom.

Stopped for a speeding ticket? A few hundred baht can quickly solve the problem in Pattaya. On trial for murder in the West? If have top flight attorneys, your chances of aquittall rise substantially.

Whether here or in your 'modern, first-world' home country, if you have the money you can solve nearly any challenge.

The idea that 'justice is blind' is an attractive concept.  That all people, regardless of means and connections, will have the SAME opportunity for fairness when dealing with authority. When I was child I believed it, and for many years wanted to, but reality is far different.

In future newsletters, I will discuss the 'PT philosophy' of, among other things, being prepared thoroughly.