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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 154

A priceless gift for your teeruk in Pattaya.... 

Ok, admit it.

You have a 'special someone' in Pattaya. While you may not be 'sponsoring' her, you contact her occasionally.

Especially when feeling lonely in farang-land. And while I gave a few tips, here, for a successful relationship you need more.

Remember, she probably has an extremely poor educational background which can be HUGE hindrance.

So here is a GIFT that costs you NOTHING, but can have a lifelong positive impact for you and her:

The gift is the following:

Fountain of Life Women's Center
Soi 25, Naklua Rd
Near Aiyura Palace Hotel
Best time visit, Monday-Friday, 9-12pm

Easy to get access, around 15 minutes by baht bus from Royal Garden Shopping Mall, it provides classes in a variety of subjects.

Speaking English, German, learning computers, massage, or beauty salon work are some of the many areas covered.

And all classes, by the way, are by 'donation-only'. NO money is required to attend.


I encourage you to share this with your 'girlfriend'. While I understand that many will have ZERO interest in attending, or go once and never again, with your inspiration maybe they will surprise you.

My girl attends, by the way, and LOVES it. Hopefully yours will too.