UA-610852-2 Issue 155|Retire to Pattaya Thailand UA-610852-2

Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 155


Did you follow my advice in Pattaya?

Did you follow my advice? My repeated suggestions about buying gold and putting some of your assets into the baht?

(See here and here for two instances of many when I recommended doing this.)

I hope so, as during 2010 you have made 29% on the 'yellow metal' and the THB was up strongly versus the USD, EURO, and GBP.

Now what?

See below for ideas as it's NOT too late to protect your capital:

1) Open a Thai bank account.

This is a simple, easy way to the diversify into the Thai baht.

Will it be strong forever? No, but for the forseeable future I'm betting 'yes'.

Both Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn Bank are very receptive to foreigners, including those on holiday, opening accounts.

2) Visit the local Thai gold shop.

Contrary to what you see, you don't have to buy jewelry (rings, necklaces, etc) to invest in gold in Thailand.

Many shops sell 'bars' and 'coins' just by asking.

Visit the many of them at the intersection of Pattaya Klang (Central Road) and Second Rd. Near Top's Supermarket.


I don't advocate investing all your savings into gold and the Baht but diversification is a fundamental tenet of prudent savings.

If you're SERIOUS about living and retiring in Pattaya, you'll need to practice this.

Otherwise, you'll end up like many unhappy farangs watching their savings disintegrate.