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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 156

Don't move to Pattaya for the nightlife...

Several years ago I wrote a list of why you should NOT move to Pattaya (here).

And although many argue the primary reason TO move here, is the nightlife, have you considered:

1) Warm weather.

Hot, humid weather is the norm for eight months a year here.

For many, the heat's uncomfortable but being in a cold, wintry, environment (especially as one gets older) is unbearable.

2) Nearby large, international airport.

Want (or need) to escape Thailand? Having an airport 1.5 hours away, with direct flights to the world's major cities, makes this easy.

3) Easy transport around the city.

No need to operate a car or motor bike, as walking, taking a 'songtaew', or a taxi is easy to get anywhere.

4) Wide variety of activities.

Golf, movies, expat clubs, sports of all types, book stores, special interest clubs, so on.

5) Decent infrastructure.

Reliable electricity and high-speed Internet are the rule not the exception as in many developing countries.

5) Reasonable living costs.

It is still possible to live a decent lifestyle on $50USD a day in Pattaya as I said here. And many farang do it!

Food, housing, transportation, entertainment are still reasonable by Western standards.


Choose a place to live NOT based solely on its nightlife but think of other reasons-as you WILL become bored bar scene.