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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 157

A change in Pattaya (you probably won't like)

I have made multiple predictions about the future of Thailand, some right and others wrong. 

The strengthening baht and diversifying into gold. My crystal ball has been way-off, though, regarding the 'bubble' I saw the property market in. Prices have continued to escalate to my surprise.

One prediction that I will wager a LARGE sum on is the following:

The rapidly increasing cost of Pattaya's nightlife--but NOT for reasons you might think.

While inflation is pushing up the costs of food and drinks, enjoying the 'company' of Thai woman IS a driving factor for many here.

And that price is LIKELY to increase significantly over the next several years.


Two main reasons:

1) Increased economic opportunities

Thailand's economy and specifically it's manufacturing base has rebounded well since the onset of the 'global recession.' This is probably inexorable and will provide more and more 'regular' jobs to young, Issan women.

Yes, some will still join the nightlife for it's relatively high income and chance of 'catching a farang' but more and more will not.

2) Demography

Since the early 1970's Thailand's population growth has been declining, and especially Issan, where a typical family of six is now less than half that.

This fact, in of itself, will have the BIGGEST impact as their will be far fewer girls to work in the bars.


Many expats talk of the 'good old days' of cheap beer, girls, so on. Those days are GONE and not coming back.

For now, you still CAN retire to Pattaya on $50USD a day but that's becoming increasingly difficult.