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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 158



A Pattaya expat's growing menace

Pattaya expats (and visitors) are plagued right now by several menaces; crime, stressed infrastructure, and the strong baht.

Another FAR more important issuenot getting much attention are--dramatic price increases.

Typically, inflation (prices increases) may run 3-5% per year. The increases in Pattaya, however, are running MUCH higher. (Which I warned of years ago here)

The hotel 'buffett'
Not long ago, similar to Las Vegas, some hotels (Apex, Lek, Diana) offered an edible farang or Thai brunch for a flat 85B.

Today's 'new' price: 150B!

Bar and entertainment
For MANY wanna-be expats, one of the MAIN drivers is to enjoy the bar scene here. And, until, recently it was EASY to find mixed drinks around 100B, draft beer at 65B, and 'ladies drinks' around 100B or so. Bar fines, max, 600B.

Today's 'new' price: Mixed drinks 120B+, draft beer 75B, and 'ladies drinks' 130B+. Bar fines are holding steady at most but don't be surprised to 700B to be the norm soon.

    In the past, it was common to negotiate a 'long-term' rate with a hotel but that's becoming more difficult and rates are going up. I heard of one, recently, that increased ALL rates 14%.

No one enjoys listening to expats talk about the 'good old days' of '$10 long time companions' and living like a 'king' for $500USD a month.

Those days are GONE and NOT coming back so let's face reality--rising prices are virtually guaranteed forever.

And when developing your retirement budget, that I mentioned here, you SHOULD factor it in.