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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 159

You're in 'good' company in Pattaya

Does this story sound familiar:

'A first time visitor to Asia, Thailand in particular, is introduced to the Bangkok nightlife. He's never gone with (nor consider) a 'prostitute' as someone he'd associate with. But then he changes. The 'working girls' of Thailand don't fit the stereotypes he was raised with. They're pretty, charming, and comforting. Soon he finds the 'one'. The girl he'll save from this 'hellish' existence that she has been forced into. Of course, as you probably know, the results are disasterous for our 'hero' as she takes him for every satang she can.'

Possibly, even you?

Don't feel bad, here's why:

Going back to the 'original book' of this idea, A Woman of Bangkok by Jack Reynolds (1956), this has been happening  for over fifty years.

And if you stop in to any Bookazine, you'll see DOZENS of 'new' titles with the same premise. Or mention it to any expat, and if he's honest, will inevitably have a similar tale.

So, the solution?

Their is NO one size fits all but here and here I offer some thoughts.

Admittedly, I let my heart get in the way of my head (financially) with a woman. And it was expensive.

In hindsight, though, an experience and a lesson.

If it's happened to you, ensure you can afford it and learned the lesson.


You don't want to be one of the members of the 'Pattaya Flying Club'--appearing on the front page of the newpaper.