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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 160

Mr. A. Nonymous in Pattaya 

If you read my past writings here, a common theme is the importance of keeping a 'low profile' in Pattaya.

Whether it be operating a large-scale business, flashing gold chains, investing money you can't afford to lose, or being involved in criminal activity--it's exceedingly RISKY here.

The local news, however, regularly parades farangs who either lost A LOT of money and (or) headed for the local 'money house' (prison).

A case that was just decided is an American as detailed here.

Wonder about his sentence? SEVEN YEARS in prison

And while I have NO idea about his guilt or innocence, how could he have avoided a VERY expensive problem (and potentially prison time in Thai jail)?

1) Forget owing a business in Thailand

The odds of successfully operating a business in the West are difficult but in Thailand, MUCH harder.

If you insist, operate with minimal employees, and on a small, low-key, scale.

The quieter, the better. And NEVER brag about your success.

2) Keep it 'legal'. Always.

Although their are plenty of temptations for 'illegal' activities, consider the risk versus reward?

Possessing drugs, prostitution, and making pornography, for example, in your country may be a minor offense with little consequence.

Here, though, it can be exceedingly expensive in many forms.

3) Have an 'exit' strategy

Consider the worst case scenario and be prepared to leave the country--when necessary.

If your choices are serving time in a Thai correctional facility, paying an exorbitant sum, or 'flying away', plan accordingly.

Thailand welcomes farangs as 'guests'--not necessarily permanent, full-time residents.

Making yourself 'invisible' to the authorities with FEW attachments and entanglements, will serve you well.