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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 161

Pattaya: 'World Class Destination'--NOT!

Last weekend's flooding here, in case you missed it (click on the news link section) demonstrated once again the challenges Pattaya faces.

The intersection of Beach Road, Soi 13/1, for example, was knee-high in rushing water.

Some newly-built condo were without power for days while underground parking garages were three feet deep in water!

And this happens while Pattaya is 'attempting' to re-define itself as a 'family-friendly, world class destination'...?

The biggest challenge the city faces and a recommendation for you is....

Infrastructure and crime
Roads, drainage, water supply, so on, are totally inadequate for the desired growth in tourists. The current administration has pushed increased 'family tourism' beyond the area's limits.

While their has been definitely a decline of 'single, white, male' expats, trying to attract well-heeled visitors, how many want to stay in a resort area so clearly lacking?

Do they want to pay 5000B a night to stay in a 'resort destination' that is seeing well-publicized increase in crime?

Proceed slowly

Pattaya's MANY virtues are well known but as I stated before (here), be cautious with fixed assets.

Condos, houses, motorbikes, cars, so on ARE risky here. The automobile owner whose car sat in water up to the door-handle was probably not happy. Nor the expat,I know, with four inches of standing water in his home.

Yes, I know, many will say 'I'm insured' but have you ever attempted to make a 'claim' in Thailand?


Rising prices, strong baht, increasing crime are causing many expats to consider OTHER areas to live with Southeast Asia.

Last weekend was fuel to the fire for some and for ALL a 'cautionary' sign.