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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 163

Bringing 'sand to the beach' in Pattaya?

Stephen Hawking, world renowned physicist, was recently quoted as saying: 'Women, they are a complete mystery'.

Although he wasn't speaking of Thai women (as I did here and here), it's one of the favorite topics of expats.

And one of the remarkable trends I see, albeit anecdotal so far, are the increasing number of farangs with....

....Filipinas. Whether bringing them to Thailand for long-holidays or setting them up here permanently, this flow will probably continue to increase in the future.

Language and cultural issues are MUCH less with a girl from the Philippines. Combined with a greater ability (and willingness) to adapt to 'different' food, people, so on, has SOME advantages.

And Thailand's demographics of an aging population means less girls in their 20s which are the by far the most sought after.

The Philippines, in contrast, has a significantly younger population which will continue to attract expats--at least for the women--for many years.


Hawking is correct about women, the world over, being a 'mystery'.

I expect, though, more and more Thai expats to stop attempting to solve the riddle of the 'poo-ying Thai' and instead try another puzzle (filipinas)--while continuing to live in the Kingdom.