UA-610852-2 Issue 164|Retire to Pattaya Thailand UA-610852-2

Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 164

The leading cause of death in Pattaya is...

What's the most 'dangerous' thing you can do here?

The ONE activity that kills more farangs than any other?

As I discussed here, you could end up dieing from.....

....motorbike or motorcycle riding.

The recent death of a foreigner, as described here, should reinforce the CONSTANT danger of riding anywhere in the Kingdom.

No matter how cautious you may be, Thailand is FILLED with poor, drunk, drug addled drivers who are a grave threat to you.


While I have many expat friends who ride everyday, without an issue, it only takes ONE accident.

And maybe you wouldn't die but do you want the physical and financial consequences?

Yes it CAN happen to you.