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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


 Issue 165

Do you know this guy in Pattaya?

Before deciding to retire to Pattaya, I have repeatedly (here) stressed the importance of having a GUARANTEED income.

Forget the fantasy of 'starting an online business', buying a bar, or finding IT work, and earning enough to support yourself.

The odds are LONG against you.

With that said, many farangs choose the world's 'second oldest' profession to earn money: teaching.

And while there are jobs available around Pattaya, and throughout Thailand, do know how much the most teachers are paid?

A reasonable guess is 80% are receiving 30,000B per month-or less!

Not much money, needless to say.

And while many do add to their income with private tutoring, is an additional 3-5000 per month enough for you?

Look at my sample monthly Pattaya budget.

Do you have a pension or savings that will SAFELY generate this amount each month?


Don't move to Thailand and end up like this guy.

His motivation?

According to another article, it was to supplement his meager income.

If you don't have then money, yet, then VACATION here.

The FRONT page of this web still has minimum recommended amount: $50 USD a day.