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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!



Earning money in Pattaya--HA!

While MANY move (retire) to Pattaya, Thailand with the idea of finding a 'job', most are VERY, VERY disappointed.

First, their are A LOT of skilled Thai citizens. While you may have various skills and certifications from your home country, many Thais may be equally qualified. And be willing to work for 1/4 of what you will!

Next, to work 'legally' in Thailand you must possess an employer specific work-permit. NOT easy to obtain unless you have a VERY unique skill or qualification that most Thais do not.

Third, the number of  companies 'hiring' Westerners in Pattaya is actually VERY small. You won't see many legitimate 'help-wanted' ads in the Pattaya Mail.
Most are probably a scam to entice you into investing in a 'can't lose' proposition.

So, How can you earn money in Pattaya?

Here's some ideas:

1-Teach English. This is THE most common way for expats around Thailand to make money. But it's NOT much--probably around $1000USD per month (full-time).

2-Own a bar. This, too, is common. But as I mentioned in the 'Money' section of this site, you're MUCH, MUCH more likely to lose money then make money.

3-Import-export. NOT the easiest but doable. If you can find a UNIQUE, locally produced product, this has potential. Type the word 'Thailand' into Ebay and you'll see many guys doing this right now.

4-Internet business, artist, currency trader etc. This is the IDEAL profession for the Pattaya resident. Something with the following characteristics:

        A) Can operate from geographically anywhere.

        B) Requires ZERO employees.

        C) Needs NO equipment except a computer.

        D) No governmental permits required.

If you don't have a GUARANTEED income to cover your basic needs--food, shelter, necessities, etc., then do NOT move to Pattaya, yet!

Thailand is NOT a happy place for Westerners with NO money.
Unfortunately too many guys end up broke here--which ultimately causes their demise.