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Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Staying healthy in Pattaya

The two most well known 'private' hospitals in Pattaya are:

Pattaya International Hospital--Soi 4, in the middle of the city

Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital--Sukhumvitt Highway, about 15 minutes outside the city.

Both have English speaking, Western trained doctors.

And did I mention this is high-quality care at a FRACTION of the typical (Western) cost!

For minor ailments, 'prescription' drugs are easily and cheaply available at Pattaya pharmacies throughout the city.
Although I don't recommend self-medicating, most drugs can purchased without seeing a doctor.

Regarding health insurance, should you buy it here...?

The answer is maybe!

First question, does your EXISTING plan cover you overseas illnesses?

Many do NOT! In the US, the Medicare system does not.

Next, how much money do you have in the bank LIQUID?

Money you can access immediately? 

Most hospitals in Thailand require payment immediately--if you're in an accident, with no insurance, can you pay a 100,000 baht on demand?

If you decide NOT to 'self-insure', as described above, here are two health Thai health insurers that many Pattaya expats use: